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7 Generation Family Tree Projects


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Professional Family Tree Chart & Templates

If you want professional family tree templates, that come with step by step instructions then - Click Here

7 Generation Kids Family Tree Templates

Ready for a challenge?

This is the biggest and most complex family tree you can possibly fit onto an A4 piece of paper.

You will need to spend some time researching your ancestry, and will likely need more then just help from relatives to complete it, but once done the results are astounding.

Without seeing how to fit so much information onto the tree, most people would not realize it was even possible to create, but by looking at the templates below you can see how we used the space effectively to list 128 names.

The first branch must angle back considerably to fit all the other branches on the page, you can see the first 3 generations are very close to the left hand side of the page. You must also space the branches vertically equal, so the final branch can list 64 names straight down without much room for error.

The only other problem with this template, is the limited space means there is no room for additional information, you might be lucky to add the date of birth but not much else.

Get started by choosing an image below by clicking on it, and you will be taken to the template where you can then save it to your computer. Or you can right click the picture and then click "save target as" to save it to your computer and then open it latter.



If you have trouble opening the templates, make sure you have adobe reader it is a free download from the link below

If you have any suggestions or requests, leave a comment below and we will look into adding or changing the diagrams.

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